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   Once upon a time ... a scientist was conducting work on an important project. One day, he passed a turtle on his way to work. The turtle peeked his curiosity so he took it to his lab to examine. Turtles, it turns out, are facinating creatures, so the scientist did what he always did, he set about to learn all he could. Soon, the scientist's lab was filled with turtles, turtle books, turtle papers, and turtle projects. The scientist's boss saw that the original project was being neglected, but was unable to divert the scientist from his preoccupation with turtles. One day the frustrated manager complained about his distracted scientist to his wife at the dinner table. "Take away his turtles", she suggested. The next morning the scientist came to work and found his lab devoid of all things turtle. He once again immersed himself into his original project.

... a story from my friend roliver

This site is dedicated to all of us who,
for better or for worse, can't resist a new turtle.